Once in a lifetime. Priceless. Memorable. Trophy. These words describe the hunt you'll never forget. These words describe the Dakota firearm you'll take with you. The pinnacle in firearms quality, materials and performance. A symbol of status you can relive over and over again. Dakota. Deadly sophistication.

Firearms Crafted With The Supreme Quality & Precision The Dakota Name Was Built On.

  Model 76

In 1986, master gunsmiths Don Allen and Pete Grisel had a dream. Embracing emerging technology, alongside time-honored techniques, they fulfilled that dream with the Model 76 - an impeccable new breed of bolt-action design and performance.


  Model 10

The epitome of strength and beauty among single-shot rifles. Our famous Model 10 is lightweight, pleasing to the eye and deadly accurate. Its exceptionally solid falling-block design and fast lock time produce world-renowned accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency, and the fit and finish are impeccable.


  Model 97

A superior breed of hunter, crafted with the supreme quality and precision the Dakota name was built on. It features a lighter, round-body configuration and includes all the best pre-64 Model 70 and Mauser features, plus a match-grade barrel and adjustable Model 76 trigger for peak accuracy.



Crafted to benchrest tolerances with the combined talents of Dakota Arms and Nesika, the Varminter is built from the ground up on a single shot, small round action to forever elevate the standards for precision in the small-caliber world.


An American legend, the 1874 Sharps rifle has been made with the impeccable style and quality only offered by Dakota Arms. Our design offers two distinct differences to the original.


The Miller rifle's reputation as a target rifle capable of pinpoint accuracy is backed by more than 30 years of manufacturing experience. Each rifle is custom built for your specific application.

Ammunition Designed To Produce Maximum Performance & Accuracy While Serving As A Fitting Companion To Your Dakota Rifle.


The Dakota line of proprietary catridges has been designed to meet the demands of the serious world-game hunter.


We offer quality brass for Dakota proprietary cartridges.

  Reloading Supplies

Dakota offers a line of items to help you load catridges to your specifications including dies, shell holders, dummy rounds and reloading guides.